Introduction and history of Eye Teaching Hospital of Kabul Medical University (KMU)

The Eye Teaching Hospital (located in Ibn-e-Sina Hospital) created under the name of Eye Dept in 1936,

in 1961, transferred to the Mastorat (the last name of Maiwand Hospital), then to the Noor Hospital of Kabul, in 1994, to the central Istak & 52-bed Hospital of Khairkhana, in 1995, to the 400-bed Hospital & No 1 of Quwai Markaz, based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated (1999-2000), (which was signed for ten yrs) between Kabul Medical University (KMU)-Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and delegation of International Assistance Mission (IAM), established, and with a total of 13 both technical and administrative staff with 20-bed in Medical Polyclinic of Kabul University (located in Dehbori), begun to conduct eye medical services under the name of University Eye Hospital (EUH). In 2002, shifted from Medical Polyclinic of Kabul University to the Publication Dept of KMU, continued its healthcare services delivering until Feb 6, 2013. On Jan 8, 2014, transferred to the former building of Maternity & Obstetric building (Shaharara) and continued its health services up to the present. Based on the efforts of KMU, the Hospital organization, increased to 31 staff within KMU.

The ETU is delivering training services for KMU students, house workers, trainees, ophthalmologists and treatment services to the citizens.

In Dec 12, 2012, due to the need for medical services and attention to the quality of teaching & treatment, a MoU was signed between KMU-MoHE & Medical Management & Research Centre for Afghanistan (MMRC-A).

With the termination of aforesaid MoU, another MoU was signed between Fred Hollowed Foundation (FHF) and KMU-MoHE, for development of medical services, teaching & training centre to the Eye Teaching Hospital of KMU from Sep 1st 2013 to Aug 31, 2016.

It is worth mentioning, FHF is a charity organization of Australia government, cooperated delivering blindness reducing across the world.


The Hospital delivers excellence and standard of the world-class, teaching services in the levels of teaching and treatment, mutual international close relations and cooperation in the field of learning, preventing & treatment of eye disease (reducing blindness) with modern methods for the need across the country.


The EUH is providing training and specialty services for students, house workers & ophthalmologists with high standards, academic research implementation, delivering a better health service for the citizens as well as medical services development, support from schemes and capacity building of staff with modern and development tech, are the hospital mission.


  1. Mutual respect & adherence to human dignity
  2. Keep to practice three authenticity; honesty, clearance and transparency
  3. Valuing due to the education, creativity and modernization  
  4. Tending and improving healthiness of the patients
  5. Strengthening doctors, patients and staff through training programs