Faculties of Kabul University of Medical Science:

Kabul Medical University currently has five faculties:

1. Faculty of Curative Medicine
2. Faculty of Stomatology;
3. Faculty of Nursing
4. Faculty of Public Health;
5. Faculty of Allied Health Science     

Terms of study in various Faculties of KMU:

Faculty of Curative:

Seven- year-studying period for Curative Faculty: (PCB within 1 year, Basic Science 2 years, 3 years clinical studies and House job for 1 year).

Faculty of Stomatology:
A six-year studying period for Stomatology faculty (PCB within 1 year, 2 years of Basic Science, 2 years of clinical studies and  house job  for 1 year).

Nursing faculty:
There is a 4-year-studying period for Nursing Faculty (Basic Science 1 year, 2.5 years clinical studies, practice for one semester).

Faculty of Public Health:
 There is a 4-year-studying period for Public Health faculty   (1 year of Basic Science, professional, practical work and practical studies for 3 years).

 Faculty of Allied Health science: 
There is a 4-year-studying period for Allied Health Science Faculty, (Basic Science 1 year, 2 years of clinical period and practical work for 1 year).

Faculty of Curative Medicine:
This faculty is the first higher Educational Institution in Afghanistan. Seventy years have passed since its establishment. This Institute has a seven-year-study course. The Diploma is Medical Doctor (MD). The current of number students, both males and females in different classes are as following: